Study Abroad in Canada- Your Pathway To Success

Universities in Canada

One of the most preferred and outstanding choices of the international students due to its convenience, Canada comprises the topmost universities that offer the state-of-art infrastructure and global education at an affordable education fee. Canada is popular for its welcoming nature and candidness. One who opts Canada as his/her choice to study abroad shall witness an incomparable academic standards with equally wonderful student experience and a vibrant study environment.

Why choose Canada to study abroad?

Studying in Canada has been the dream of many aspirants as it has been ranked as the world’s best place to live in due to its high-quality of living standards as well as quality education provided in the universities of Canada as per UN. Not only this but also, Canada with its progressive growth is one of the most developed countries having a stable government. All these factors collectively make Canada one of the best choices to seek overseas education.

Study Abroad in Canada

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International students studying abroad choose Canada as one of the topmost destinations. British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec are the top destinations in Canada provinces for Indian students and on the other hand are home to most of the top universities in Canada.

Studying overseas in Canada which stands to be one of the most developed nations of the world is the best choice for all those aspiring to study abroad in an elite university.

This is one of the most prominent questions of the International students aspiring to apply for overseas education. The best thing that the students can do for this is applying to a Canadian University.Once their admission is received they can then simply apply to study abroad in Canada. It is advisable to all the students to be careful and seek expert mentorship during their entire application process to study abroad in Canada.


Certain documents are mandatory for the application process. Below is a list of documents required to study in Canada. From getting your Canada study visa to permanent residency, we’ll be there every step of the way. With our help, you can transform a Canadian education in Canada’s top universities into Canadian permanent residence.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport size photograph
  • Passport
  • 10th & 12th Mark sheet, Credit & Trial Certificates
  • Diploma’s Mark sheet, Degree Certificate/Provisional Certificate
  • ITI’s Mark sheet, Degree Certificate
  • Bachelor’s Mark sheet, Degree Certificate/Provisional CertificateIs Smart Lock required for instant apps?
  • Master’s Mark sheet, Degree Certificate/Provisional Certificate
  • Work Experience Letter if required
  • IELTS/PTE certificate

Universities in Canada offer varied courses and colleges to the International students. Canadian Universities are the perfect choices for you in case you love writing, research or getting deeper into your specific niche. We at Mentors Overseas help you achieve your educational goals in every way and as per your convenience.

The profile assessment at Mentors Overseas depends upon your education, background, personal profile as well as work experience which is further reviewed by our team in order to provide you with the most suitable solutions that are likely to succeed in application.

Whether you’re hunting for a particular course or a specific college in the topmost universities of Canada, our expert guidance helps you find the best and helps in processing of your university application as well as the admission process.
With a compelling statement of purpose (SOP) is the foremost and vital requirement for you to get admission in Canada. We at Mentor overseas education help you process your application within a day with no compromise in quality at all.
It can be pretty stressful for you to apply for a Canadian Study Visa. Keeping you away from the endless chain of documentation and paperwork, our consultants help you navigate through the procedures of Canadian Study Visa easily and quickly.

Although students have a pre-defined goal in their mind, it is obvious for them to get confused or nervous while they figure out that the path to achieve those shall be difficult. This is the point where professionals of Mentors Overseas play their role helping the aspirants to walk on the right path and conquer their path to study abroad.Since Canada is home to many state-of-art world class universities,therefore chances of getting employment prospects goes higher there as compared to other countries.

Having a promising prospect Canada is known to be one of the best destinations to study abroad. With an unmatched standard of living, world-class university and dynamically growing job market, Canada is widely popular for providing quality education. In India, the student visas are given a boost and the number of students studying abroad is increasing continuously.

  • Students preferably enroll in the topmost reputed universities and colleges of Canada and further apply for Study Visas to Canada due to its extremely welcoming environment.
  • As compared to other competing nations offering quality education, Canada has relatively lower cost of living.
  • Canadian culture is indeed a perfect mix of artistic, social, musical, social, literal, musical and culinary elements.
  • Apart from offering the quality education, Canadian Educational Institutions also ensure that the international students acquire the best of the training and skills from the country.
  • The tuition fee in Canada is comparatively low when compared to other major destinations of overseas education like the US, UK, and Australia.
  • In Canada, all the International students along with all the citizens and other permanent residents who live in Canada are entitled to public health insurance which covers all medical issues.
  • With a number of national parks, lush mountains and historic sites, Canada is home to some of the best mesmerizing landscapes.
  • One can quickly change from one mode of transportation to another in the majority of the cases.
  • Canada has a lower rate of crimes, which makes it a better place to live.